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        1. 通過卓越的產品和貼心的服務,將品質生活帶給全球更多的家庭。

          Our superior products and services elevate the quality of life everywhere you call home.


          We create passionate, loyal customers by simplifying homes with high-quality, long-lasting solutions. Our superior products and services come with the human touch, from the way we develop them and sell them, to the way they are used. Our unique direct selling capabilities empower people across the globe, elevating lives for the better. As a trusted family business, we are committed to act in a socially and environmentally responsible way. We strive to achieve economic success as a means to ensure family ownership of Vorwerk for many generations to come.


          - 我們通過卓越的產品與貼心的服務 ,讓客戶始終青睞于福維克品牌。
          - 我們通過直面客戶的示范銷售模式,為全球眾多事業伙伴賦能,助力他們對美好生活的追求。
          - 我們將世代傳承家族企業的可持續經營理念,在保持盈利的同時,負擔起企業公民對社會和環境的責任。

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